- Registration, transformation and winding-up of business companies and sole proprietorships.
- Registration, transformation and winding-up of foundations and not-for-profit organizations.
- Corporate transactions.
- Drafting of contracts.
- Drafting and filing of security and guarantees under commercial contracts, mortgages, and special pledges.
- Comprehensive legal service for companies..
- Advice on bank transactions.
- Legal representation and defense of civil and commercial cases and enforcement proceedings.
- Advice on family- and inheritance-related legal matters.
- Legal representation in divorce and alimony cases.
- Court and out-of-court partitioning of property.
- Legal representation in labor court disputes.
- Representation before government and municipal bodies and administrations.
- Appeals against administrative orders.
- Advice on property legal matters and assistance in real-estate transactions.
- Assistance in obtaining notary services.

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